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It’s the most successful Kickstarter Project of all time. The seemingly first successful “Smartwatch” promises some great functionality in an attractive package. The engineering appears to be solid and the team behind the watch knows what they’re doing, having created a Smartwatch that worked exclusively with Blackberrys but for obvious reasons didn’t really see widespread adoption.

I won’t be buying one.

For iPhone, it requires an app to run at all times and if you go into another app or forget to go back into the Pebble app it won’t work, and even then, it’s limited functionality, e.g. it doesn’t display text messages on the device because Apple doesn’t make that information available through Bluetooth. It does CallerID, remote control functions and some other things that I don’t really care about. Mostly I wanted the text message read-out.

For Android it’s better because it’ll do all the things it promises. Too bad I have an iPhone.

I was also a little annoyed that the team is purposefully not disclosing most of the limitations for iPhone in the video or description, but buried in an FAQ that they posted in the updates, and they’re still really vague. This of course might be because the product is a prototype, doesn’t exist yet, and is still evolving, but at this stage, with more than $2 Million in backing, I’d hope they’d firm up their feature-set, otherwise they’re going to risk saying “Yes” to too many requests (they’ve already added water-resistance but have to re-engineer the device to do so), thus delaying the production of the watch.

I’m honestly expecting Apple to also do something in this space by modifying the iPod Nano to act as a companion to the iPhone through Bluetooth 4.0 which promises much better functionality.

Still, an interesting product space to watch.


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