1) Don’t write in the passive voice.

2) The consensus of the commenting horde is this: Despite Google’s sterling reputation when it comes to their products and features, Customer Service is not one of their features (pay no attention to the seemingly mislabeled phone number for “Customer Service” on the Google Play store). One should not expect Google to treat them like a paying customer when one has just paid several hundred dollars for a non-working device.

3) Proof read; because 5000 readers just saw your really stupid typo. (Related: Don’t write blog posts on an iOS device without making sure autocorrect picked the correct version of a word.)

4) Jim Dalrymple is pretty awesome at headlines.

5) I’ll never get tired of the adrenaline rush that comes with the 15 nanoseconds of fame when linked to on the Internet.

6) I don’t have thick enough skin to blog.